March 17, 2009

My New Scrappy Space

So me and Chase decided to rearrange our spare bedroom/office. I needed more wall space, and really needed to get away from the glare of the window. I love the natural light but the glare was giving me headaches. So here is the old space:

And here is my new and improved space!

First is my Crop in Style (thanks Lynn!) And my set of drawers (these house my paper scraps, stamping and embossing stuff, and misc things in the bottom) More paper on top and binders for my dollar stamps, and alpha stickers:

Next is my wire wall racks. These used to be parts from those cubes you could make (KWIM?) Anyway I put them on the wall with some "S" hooks to hang some stickers, rub-ons, and my Cricut mats:

Then I have my workspace. I am so happy with my work area now. I feel like everything has a home:

This is what I purchased at IKEA on Saturday. The rack with the 4 plastic hanging cups (pens, pencils, cutting tools, and punches,) and the wire rack with the jars, and the magentic strip underneath. I got all that for $14.00, add the pink lamp for another $4.00. I spent $18.00, and I love it!


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Anonymous said...

It looks so much brighter and well organized! Love the wire cube idea!

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