April 24, 2008

"Search" for Inspiration

My sisters must be stuck on having girls. They each have two. CJ is remains the only boy. Whoohooo!!! My newest neice, Grace, was born April 14th. She is just gorgeous with a full head of dark hair.

Of course I hounded my mother for pics right away, I had started scrapping the page even before I had the pics developed. The night before I went to get the pics, I was chatting with some girls at Have Your Way With Paper, about the new Bazzill n Stich'z'. I personally think the concept is a great idea, but is limited in its designs. So I said that you could print almost anything off the internet and print, punch, and stitch. So I went to Google, clicked on "images" and searched for swirls. I found this image.

At that very moment, I was inspired. I went down to my table and got to work. The stitching was drawn out by hand first. Then I pierced the holes, then I started the stitching. From there I added the flowers and the bling, until I was happy with the result. No it does not look exactly like the image above, nor is it supposed to. It's just another place to grab some inspiration. Here is what I created:

April 7, 2008

Stress Reliever

Some people read, some watch a movie. Some people run or play a sport. For me, the best way to rid myself of stress is to scrap. I just get lost in the porject that I am working on. Sure scrapping has it's own stresses. But to not have to think about bills, or doctor's appointments, or an arguement you had earlier that day is great.

I also think that scrapping the topic you are stressed about can help. For example: I just moved 2000 miles away from my family. Again. I am feeling a little "home sick." So I went at grabbed some pics of my family and sat down to scrap them. I felt so good while I was creating, because I was thinking of my family the whole time. Sometimes I will scrap me and my husband after an arguement. It makes me reflect on the reasons that we are together.

Anyone who has kids over the age of two, knows how stressful toddlers can be. Take some time to scrap a happy moment, and for a little while anyway the stress will disappear.

Nothing is worth more than this day.

Pink Hula Hoops

April 3, 2008

Scaredy Katt

Yep, every once in awhile that's me. Scared of what? Trying something new. Will I do it right? Will I just be wasting money? Will it look as good on paper as it does in my head? Well to any and all of these questions all you can do is GO FOR IT. You will never have the answers unless you try.

Recently, I saw a layout that had an element that I fell in love with. I wanted to try it, but scared to ruin the project I was working on. I bought the product......ah, was I wasting money??? I brought it home, and there it sat for days and days. I could not get up the courage to give it ago. So, at that point it was money wasted. HMPH!!!!!! I could not throw good money away, so I sat down at got to work. Baby steps.......that's right, baby steps. Start with a very small project.

The product? Dimensional Magic. This gives a raised, clear coat to whatever you cover it with. I am currently working on a calendar for my desk at work. I used the smallest amount on the letters for the month. I set it aside to dry over night. I went to bed, and was actually excited to get up in the morning to see the results......LOVED IT!!!

So here I am now, with one of my new favorite embellishments. I have used it on two lay outs and a altered picture frame.

Mowing Bubbles

You Will Catch Me

So go ahead, try something new. If you don't like it, well at least you tried. But more than likely you will love the results, and have found another great embllishment/techinque.

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