March 24, 2009

The Frog

Every child has that one thing that he/she can't be without. For some it's a blankie (and we have our share,) for others it's a pillow, and for some it's a stuffed animal. Until recently the only thing that C.J. has really been attached to is a blanket. His "tag." My child has an OBSESSION with tags. You will often find him with is hand down the back of his pants......uh-huh, playing with the tag on the inside of his jeans. Anyway, he loves the tags on blankets as well. It soothes him. But it was not to the point where we had to bring it everywhere we went.

And then came the trip to the ER. A week ago last Saturday, C.J. wakes up at midnight. He is running a fever of 105.4. Off to the ER we go. Now most children would have been cranky being up at this hour. Not my kid. He was excited. He loves the doctor. Weird I know. So we get there, wait, and wait, and wait some more. Finally we get taken back to a room. The doc comes on looks him over and says they will run some tests. The nurses come in to take his blood. I'm thinking, ok this is where my night goes from bad to worse. Nope. I had the 2 best nurses. They sat and explained everything like my 3 yr old was an adult. The needle went in, he said "ow," and that was it. The nurses, and myself were so stinkin proud of that kid. Not one tear. Not ONE. So off they go. And a few minutes later, one of them come back with this little green stuffed frog. A reward for his bravery.

Now this frog goes everywhere with us. To daycare. In the car. To the bathroom. At the dinner table. And of course to bed.

I found out just how important having that frog with him is. Yesterday he left it at daycare. BIG UH-OH. He wanted me to drive back to get it. I told him he would have to wait til morning. He was sad. But it sure gave him the motivation to get dressed and go this morning. His Froggie was waiting for him.

I have to admit, he is kinda cute......
I can't wait to scrap this pic!


JeNn said...

Hey Katt! I got the font of the day on my blogger dashboard where it says add stuff to your was in there. :) Pretty cool fonts they come up with.

lisa said...

So sweet!! Looks like the journaling is already done for the LO you'll do!! Can't wait to see it!!

Paper Doll said...

Oh be still my heart, I want to scrap that picture too!!!! It's my very favorite of CJ...toooo stinkin' cute!
Ok, sorry I got side tracked:) Yes, that is hand cutting on my "moments like this" layout. It took forever, but I "felt it". Have a beautiful day Katt!

Jennifer Moore said...

Oh Katt! He and Aaron are so alike it's scary! Aaron also has a thing with tags and calls his blankie "Tag." I kid you not! Ask Trisha, he is OBSESSED with it..we have to have it everywhere we go. He rubs on the tag to go to sleep. LOL!

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