July 23, 2011

Admitting something's wrong

Please note that the following post has little, if anything to do with crafting, paper, or scrapping.

I am embarrassed to admit there is anything wrong. Maybe that is why I am typing it out here. Maybe no one but my 61 followers will ever read this. Maybe someone will once again come to my rescue. Not that I deserve it. But my son does. He has done nothing to deserve any of what me and my hubby of nine years are putting him through.

Sure, from the outside we look like a normal family. Hard working husband and father. Me a stay at home mom since I lost my job a year and a half ago. That should have been the first clue. But we failed to take the hint. Less money coming in, should mean less spending. NOPE. We are obviously not smart enough to take hints that BIG.

So we get money from Uncle Sam, and instead of putting it away, what do we do? We buy a brand new TV, a vacation to Disneyland, and a computer.....that we put on a brand new credit card promising to pay it off. HA! Life is grand..... who cares if bills get paid on time.

So for those mistakes we fall into a rut.....one bill is late and we rob Peter to pay Paul. Then rent is late....what's an $85 late fee? No worries we will get caught up next month. Again, HA! Another year goes by and rent was late probably 9 out of those 12 months.....$765 in late fees that should never have happened in the first place.

Uncle Sam comes round again.......this time it's another laptop and an iPad. Gotta have the latest and greatest. Screw the bills. Now we are behind on rent, the car, the cable, the utilities......ask for help. A kind soul grants us the help we need, and yet we still dig in deeper. Out to dinner 3-5 times a week.....we have to have the latest Blueray......and yes, I needed that damn Cricut Imagine. Like Hell!! More late fees.....more money out the window!

As I sit here and type this on my relatively new computer, I have an eviction notice and a notice to end tenancy from my landlord, my phones are currently shut off, and I had to borrow some money to refill a prescription. I sit here in the dark, sleepless, cause all I can think about right
now is what the HELL are we gonna do??? Who in their right mind would rent to us? I sure wouldn't.

Like I stated earlier....we did this to ourselves.....but I never thought of the consequences it would have on our child. At the end of next month, we may be out on our butts living in our van. What good will the new TV be then? The laptops? NONE.

We need to make a serious shift in our priorities and we need to do it quickly. No more spending. If we don't NEED it, we don't buy it.

School starts in just over a month, I need to buy clothes, supplies....heck because of the current residence situation, I am not even sure where my child will be attending school this coming fall.

So yes, I admit, I have a spending and budgeting problem. If you know someone that has been in a similar situation and made their way out please post a comment, I would love to hear some advice. No haters, please....your comments will be removed.
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