August 28, 2008

Strange Month

That's really all I can say. My heart has really not been into scrapping this month. I think I have done three layouts. Not my usual turn out. I have not been sketching either. But I managed to get one done today, and I really like it. I hope to get some scrapping done later, and maybe I will scrap this design.

August 2, 2008

I think I figured it out

The reason I am not scrapping much these days that is.......

MY scrap space is so UNORGANIZED! I have been trying to get through it little by little. Last night I tackled my paper scraps. I purged quite a bit. But I still have a lot. I need to find a storage solution that I can use to keep my scraps within sight. Out of sight, out of mind, Right??? This is why I have so many right. I never see them! So if you have any ideas for storage of a comment here so that others may get some ideas as well.

I did take and use some of those scraps on a layout this afternoon. I really like the end result, and it went together very quickly. Except for the stitching. That always takes some time.

I heart U

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