November 11, 2007

Altered Photos

So many of us have one of those photo editing programs. But the only use they see is to fix that dreaded red eye, crop, or resize. Many people don't see the potential that these programs have to bring a different look to our pages.

Even the most simple programs have the ability to play with color. Make your pics stand out by changing them to Black and White, or even Sepia. Some programs can even add textures such as embossing. You can highlight certain areas of your photos, by just keeping one element in color. Such as brilliant blue eyes. The red Santa hats in a Christmas picture. The possibilities are endless.

In the layout below, I took a color photo and changed it to black and white. Then, I added a special effect called "sketch." This created a pencil like drawing of my image. The effect makes the part of the pic I wanted to focus on the highlight of this photo. His glasses.

Take the time and try some different techniques on your photos. I think you will like the results.

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