October 10, 2010

My New Addiction

Ok after looking around the Cricut Message Boards today, I was totally inspired to give the printable vinyl a try. There were so many fantastic applications with this material. I wanted to start simple as I only had 1 12x12 sheet. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I hate decision making! LOL

I have been in the process of totally taking over our office in our house in an attempt to make the whole thing my scrappy safe haven. I have started taking my husband's things down and adding my own little touches. Bye bye NASCAR, hello little cute critters!

For my project today, I used the Nursery Tails Imagine Cartridge. In order to use as much of the page as I could and still get a few images I changed the paper size to 12x6 and only had the bird and branch on my screen. Then I clicked the 'fit to page' and it resized it to fit with in the 12x6 area. Then I did the same with the pond and the frog together so the relative size would stay the same for them. Next I cut the scraps down from the
usable vinyl that was left and had a sheet that was 5x3.5 and added the butterflies and dragonfly and again used the 'fit to page.' This worked really well and I would say that I used about 90% of the vinyl sheet.
I can't wait to have some more fun with this great material. Off to find somewhere cheap to get me some more! If you have a link to a cheap place, please share it here!

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