July 5, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Storage Solution

Ok, I know there are a million ways that we love to store our Cricut Cartridges, Handbooks, and Overlays. Let me make it one million and one!

Awhile back I was at the Dollar Tree and purchased an over-the-door shoe organizer. I had every intention of using this for my punches. But since my punch collection only sits at 2 right now, and my cartridge collection stands at 12 I decided to try it for them instead.I can easily fit one or two cartridges and their handbooks and overlays into each pocket. Then I labeled the pockets with the correct cartridge name. This has been so convenient. I love not having to dig for the book in a file or tote.

And another layout I got done yesterday:Thanks for stopping by!


DeeDee said...

PERFECT way to store them! I've seen similar things for punches! gotta love storage in places that are normally wasted ♥

Gayle said...

So funny!! I recently did a similar thing, but I didn't put labels on the pockets - great idea!! I'm going to do that next :) Thanks!!

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