February 5, 2010

Scrap Therapy, and an Online Crop!

Hey there, just wanted to share my latest layout, Scrap Therapy and give a heads up for a weekend online crop over at Have Your Way With Paper. Come join us over there for a weekend of Love, Football, and Scrapping.....guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing!! Plenty of challenges and prizes for all!

What better therapy is there than scrapping? Remembering the great times of your life, those you love, and those who are part of life. Scrapping is a definite healing power in my life. It is a refuge from a bad day. It always makes me smile. I can take a bad moment in my life, like my toddler giving me grief, and come to my scrap table and create a layout from a great time with my sweet boy. All is right in the world again......give it a try. I guarantee that you feel better when you are done.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is your scrap table really that neat and tidy Katt!?! WOW, I'm embarraased, well, off to clean my craft room LOL!

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