November 15, 2008

Train Paper Piecing using your Cricut

I was in need of a train for a layout that I am creating. So I got creative on this one. I Googled some train images and found one that I liked. I thought about just printing it, but wanted to something different. Here is the train that I found: I tried to draw it, but was unsuccessful. Then I started thinking about paper pieces that I saw in some magazines. Ok, I could do this. But what could I do to get the shapes just right? I knew that I could not free hand them, I'm just not that good. :)

So I was checking out my options with my Cricut Carts and everything I needed to make the train was right there are the cart that came with my machine.....George!

So here are the pieces that I cut to make my train: And here is the completed train: The pieces that you will need are:
A. 5 inch shift + "O"
B. 1.5 inch shift + "Q" (2)
C. 3 inch shift + "O" (2)
D. 1 inch shift +"G"
E. 2 inch shift + "T"
F. 1.5 inch shift + "W"
G. 1.5 inch shift + "F"
H. 1.5 inch shift + "T"

Please note that these pieces were assembled (black) then I cut again from patterned paper. This train is two layers. All of these pieces make up the base of the train.

Please share with me if you make your own! I would love to see what you come up with. Feel free to email me with any questions or with a completed could just see your work here!

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Amy W. said...

how fun is this???!!!! thanks for sharing the steps. :)

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