June 25, 2007

Friday Night Crop

Friday: Finally attended a CROP!!! It seems like forever since going to my last one. Ok, so it's only been about 6 months, but that is FOREVER!! So I packed all my gear and off I went. Of course I had my scrapping partner in crime with me, my sister.

So when we finally arrive (it's an hour from home) we lug all our things inside. And then start looking around the store. Wow, I miss the big city with REAL scrapbooking stores. Then after we have ogled everything we sit down. This time I was smart, and put together two page kits at home so I would not get stuck, as I usually do. We talked with the ladies who were there, and just in general had a great time.

I managed to get two pages done, one with the kit I brought and one with new supplies I found at the store. So here they are, I love coming home feeling like I accomplished something!

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