December 8, 2010

Does it change anything?

Oh, I think it does.
What in the world am I talking about? The Cricut Imagine of course. It changes EVERYTHING. I no longer have to search for the perfect embellishment, I just print and cut it. Need a particular color card stock? Yep, I just print it right out. With patterns and colors that coordinate completely, and the fact that I can add those colors and patterns to any one of the 1000's of images and fonts on other Cricut cartridges, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Will I scrap like this all the time? As much of a time saver it is, the answer would still be no. I still like the "hunt" for the perfect page finisher. I still LOVE to shop. There are still plenty of lines out there to love, and until I can download them to my Imagine, I will forever be buying.
(this layout was design from a sketch from
Both of the above layouts have great dimension to them, but achieved in different ways. One of the reasons I love the Imagine is the fact that the layers can be broken down and printed and cut seperately. In the first layout above I layered the individual pieces with pop dots for dimension. In the bottom layout I used items that already had dimension, such as the Thickers, Chipboard, and the felt border.

So yes, the Imagine does change everything. For me though, everything is never enough!

Happy Scrapping!

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DeeDee said...

Kat - that top layout is so precious. you did a GREAT job! Glad you're lovin' your new cricut ^_^

grammyscraps said...

I'm so glad you're lovin' your Impression. Love both of these LO's but that top one is just those leaves.

erin said...

Very cool! I don't know much about the Imagine, but it sounds like it does quite a bit! I love what you did with both layouts, but the second has a lot of dimension. Cool!

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

you are jsut having way too much fun with that!

Lindsay Weirich said...

wow, you got tyhe imagine? I got a gypsy for christmas an even though I only have a few carts I love it! I was able to get the 5 freebies online for it and with the 12 cards I have it is quite a nice variety of diecuts to have on the go to a crop. I lent my baby bug to my firend and when we meet at a lovcal crop she brings the bug and I bring the gypsy, works great! I can't wait to try the new online too though, I wonder how it will recognize the carts...

Good to hear from you Katt-HUGS!

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