August 14, 2010

Easy Flower Tutorial

Ok I'm not so good at the video thing, so I have a picture tutorial for you. I hope you can follow along.This is the flower we will be making:
What you will need:
Scotch Tape
Adhesive Runner
Circle Punch (for this I used 1")
Double Sided card stock
Chipboard or Cardstock circle larger than your other circlesStart by punching 10 circles out of your double sided card stock.Then, you will want to choose which side you will want your petals to be. For my flower, I chose the green to be the petals. With your ink pad ink the edges of the petal side.Then start folding your circles. You will fold one side of the circle at about 1/4",and then repeat and fold the other side so that your petal now looks like a flat cone:
Make 10 of these, alternating which side you fold first, the left or the right.
Now assemble the petals in pairs by taping the backs of the opposite petals together as shown below:You will then have 5 pieces, continue by adhering these to each other, again using the scotch tape.As you tape these together you will notice that it will probably not lay flat, don't worry as this will be fine.Set your flower aside and grab your chipboard or larger card stock circle. Cover with the adhesive of your choice.Apply to the back of your petals:Turn over and this is what you should see:Add a center like a brad or button to complete the flower!And that's it! I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow!



Rosemary said...

thank you soooo much!!!...

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

wow~! that really IS easy!!!

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