June 16, 2010

Gratitude.....and some freebies!

I'm just putting this out there, cause well, frankly I need to say it. I'm no longer sure why I bother to blog. I have a very meager following. I like to design and give things away, but at the same time I think I deserve a little gratitude. I have posted 11 free cut files for the Cricut Design Studio with a total of 76 downloads. That's awesome! Glad you guys like them. But seriously, would kill anyone to post a thank you?

I post a give away and unlike many other blogs of this type I have not had one reply. So if you are part of my 32, thanks for really following. If you are one of the 76 free downloads, thanks for the thanks.

I try my hardest to follow all the blogs I read. I may not post a comment on every post, but when I 'take' something from someone I was always taught to say thanks.

These will be the last freebies I post here unless I have a special request or am shown some gratitude.

Ice Cream Title: Potpourri Basket and Cuttin' Up, any size mat
Full Page Lace: Storybook, 12x12 mat

Sorry if I am being a bitch....maybe it's the PMS talking, maybe it's just me being frustrated, maybe it's me feeling sorry for myself.....but getting it out is what a blog is for, right?

I truly do hope to see you all stick around, I do love to give things away......


1 comment:

Shasta said...

Thanks Kat! I love this lace, and it's from a cart I have ;)

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