December 4, 2009

The NOT so happy time of the year.

Hi everyone! This note is just to inform you all that I will have to postpone the blog candy contest. I lost my job yesterday, and will have to be saving my pennies. This of course happened at the worst time of the year. Luckily though, I am just about finished with my shopping and have just a few things left to get. I am hoping to return to work at the beginning of the year. For now, I will spend my days with CJ, and enjoy the time I have with just him. I know you will all understand.

But, just think of all that scrappy time!! Please keep the challenges coming, as I hope to get a lot done. Please make these paper challenges and not digi, as I do not have any programs on this computer to do a digital page, (sorry Lynn, :) )

Well I think I am going to work on a, it's been awhile. I see a few challenges down there, and I also found a new sketch site that I think you will all love.... Check it out!

Anyway that's all for now, I hope to start posting more soon!

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