February 11, 2009

The 23rd Looms Closer

I find myself getting a little teary eyed as the 23rd of this month draws closer. My baby boy will be three. No longer a baby, but a little boy with dreams and thoughts of his own. I know he still needs me, but he getting more and more independent every day. "I do it myself, mama." I love and hate those words all at the same time. He is growing up WAY to fast. I am not ready to give up my baby boy.

So, I find myself digging out old photos and looking back at the last three years. Where did they go? I want some of that back. I know that's not reality and he has to grow up. So I take those warm memories and create. I love the feelings that are in me when I scrap these images. They make me feel whole. At peace.

Don't grow up too quick CJ, mommy wants to stay "mama" a little longer.

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