May 21, 2007

scrapnkitty scraps......but why?

I was tired of looking at other people's photo albums and always asking the questions, "who's that?", "where was this picture taken?", "why did you take that picture?"
I wanted my albums to tell a story. I wanted the questions to be avoided. I wanted future generations to know me and my family and what we meant to each other. So when I got married, I had hundreds of pictures. Sure, I could have just threw them in an album and set it aside to later be asked the famous questions. But I chose to do something entirely different. I chose to scrapbook the events. This way I could creatively tell the story behind the pictures. What I was feeling.
I started scrapping almost five years ago. I look back at my work every now and then, and see that while my pages may lack design, they do indeed tell the story. Today, as I scrap, I have others who are like me to turn to for inspiration. Scrapping is a creative outlet for me, and I love every second of it!

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Jamie said...

Hey Katt,
Great blog, I have added you to my list of bloggers!

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